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Speaking of labor law

With our "Apropos: Labor Law" we attempt to provide you with a brief overview of two topics in three minutes.

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March 2024

Topic of the March newsletter:
- Claims for damages against the (former) employer for breach of the GDPR right of access - Sonia Ben Brahim
- Transparency creates equality: the Pay Transparency Directive in the fight against the gender pay gap - Diana Sternbach
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January and February 2024

Topic of the January and February newsletter:
- Key changes from 2024 - Brigitte Sammer
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December 2023

Topic of the December newsletter:
- Use of artificial intelligence in HR - objective decisions or risk of discrimination? - Diana Sternbach
- Double pay for time off work? - Bence Törö-Govoreanu
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November 2023

Topic of the November newsletter:
- Background checks in the application process
What employers are (not) allowed to do - Martin Moser-Castan
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October 2023

Topic of the October newsletter:
- Green employment law en vogue: Environmentally friendly benefits and HR reporting obligations on sustainability - Diana Sternbach
- Secret recording of conversations as grounds for dismissal? - Christopher Badalec
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September 2023

Topic of the September newsletter:
- Social security simplifications for cross-border teleworking - Martin Moser
- When do vacation entitlements expire? - Brigitte Sammer and Diana Sternbach
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Summer edition 2023

Topic of the summer newsletter:
- Warning Part II - Jakob Zöchling
- Compensation for non-material damage in the processing of personal data? - Michaela Gerlach
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May 2023

Topic of the May Newsletter:
- The warning in connection with the termination of employment - Jakob Zöchling
- Long and frequent sick leave as a reason for termination - recent Supreme Court decision - Sonia Ben Brahim
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April 2023

Topic of the April Newsletter:
- Extended week (end) rest due to a recent ECJ ruling - Brigitte Sammer
- Flexible working in a digital world - Brigitte Sammer
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March 2023

Topic of the March Newsletter:
- The obligation for sustainability reporting according to RL (EU) 2022/2464 - Michaela Gerlach
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